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ZL1 Suede Steering Wheel Swap!

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some of you might have already seen in this in the Facebook group but just incase...

this is a factory ZL1 Suede and Red Stitched Steering wheel i just installed earlier today!! again this is actually a factory ZL1 Steering wheel from GM with the ZL1 trim just changed to a an SS trim from another GM.

i think the trim in carbon fiber will go really well when i get a chance to do one down the road.

in addition this wheel feels so awesome in your hands! if you haven't noticed it matches exactly to the current suede and the red trim already in the SS.

one thing you must know is this is NOT a direct swap. though the wheel and air bag swap right over, all wiring, controls and air bag spring base have to be swapped. also know the trim on the ZL1 wheel is different, so SS trim will not swap over at all. (well unless you start making some mods to the steering wheel). you will have to use the SS controls in this wheel since the ones that come with the ZL1 are missing features and wires. modifications will also need to be done to the steering wheel controls to be able to get the controls to work with the ZL1 trim.

anyhow this factory Genuine GM wheel is a SUPER DEAL! starting on my website at only $199.00! this is an awesome upgrade!!! you can order yours here:
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So pretty
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