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LS7-Powered Pontiac G8 GXP or 2014 Chevy SS?

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We can (hopefully) all agree that the G8 was the best car to wear the Pontiac badge in, well, ever. In its most powerful GXP trim, the Zeta-based rear-wheel-drive sedan featured a 6.2-liter LS3 V8 — the same engine used in the fifth-generation Camaro SS and sixth-generation Corvette and Corvette Grand Sport. Some of those GXPs were outfitted with 6-speed manual transmissions, making them rather rare and very desirable thanks to the winning powertrain combination. However, the 415 horsepower produced by the system just might not be enough for everyone.

Enter the 7.0 liter LS7 — arguably one of the best engines in the world, except for the purposes of fuel economy. So when it comes to motor swaps, this is the go-to hunk of metal to stick in an engine bay of any kind. It then comes as no surprise that the original owner had his beloved 2009 G8 GXP outfitted with the beastly LS7, and then improved on it even further with ported and polished heads, a forged crankshaft, a custom camshaft, and a Harrop cold air kit, among other things. It dyno’d at 487 whp and 463 wtq, which might be just enough prowess to pick up some groceries.

The owner is asking a swell $50,000 for the car, so if this is your cup of tea, then it may be well worth the price, considering the rare nature of the car and the various upgrades.

Had Pontiac survived another few years, the LS7 could have very well made its way into the G8, possibly as a limited-production top-of-the-line monster. But that’s not to be.

So let’s cross our fingers and hope that the LS7 (or an LT successor) will one day make its way into the Chevy SS Sedan.
Thanks to for the find!

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Asking prices don't mean squat.
They are just asking prices.
Modifications (LS7) usually bring 10 cents on the dollar over and above the average selling price of a used car IF the buyer for the car WANTS the mods.

The LS7 is an awesome engine, but you're better off just adding a conservatively tuned FI system to a stock long block instead of paying for a LS7 for the money/performance.

$50k makes me a laugh when you can simply buy a CTS-V with a LSA instead.
I echo what you said. I saw this the other day and laughed as well. The only person that will spend 49k for this has never heard of the CTS-V. Granted it is a 7.0 427 and the LSA is basically an LS3 with a supercharger, its still ridiculous. You can find new or low mileage LS7's for around $8,500, throw that in a nice GXP (typically 30-33k hit or miss) and we are sitting at just around 40k. I understand there are modifications done to the motor, but ****, you should never expect to get your investment back when it comes to selling your modified vehicle.

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I've bought and sold plenty of hi-po cars.
The prices will make you sick when you think of how much time and money the original owners put into the build.
But, everyone knows you shouldn't go into a build thinking your are going to get any of your money back and should build something that you are going to want for a LONG time. But, we all know how quickly we get bored and change out minds. LoL

If I wanted big cubes, I would just build my own LS3 based 416ci with forged pistons. I wouldn't even waste my money on a LS7. You could spray a forged LS3 or add low boost later on.

But, in 2013, I'm done making major mods to a new car. Blower, headers, fuel system, and a dyno tune.... and then LEAVE IT ALONE. LoL
These new twin turbo V8's the germans are producing are even more tempting because you just do custom tuning and you're done.
Turbo swaps along are making 1000hp on the new 5.5L V8 M157 from AMG.

Engine swaps are for dedicated track car builds that start with cheap donor cars.
If I was going to build another car today, I would start with a cheap or salvaged Porsche Cayman and do a forged 416ci.
Perfect naturally aspirated road course car.
Then, I'd have a 100hp or more nitrous shot if I felt like doing a day at the drag strip.

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Pretty sure that's a scammer listing. ;)
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