Sorry, here's another WTB thread and I know my ask is fairly specific and it may take a while. In this case I am looking for a stock 2016/2017 SS with a manual transmission and low miles (<10k unless a very rare color. Bonus points for Mystic Green). Sunroof and spare options do not matter so any combination is fine. Only colors I do not want are black, NFG (already have one), and red (no RH2, but SLIH may be ok for the right car). No mechanical mods. I'd also prefer no cosmetic mods but might be ok if they're reversible. Location does not matter as I'll go wherever I need to.

I know the market well and am not a low baller or FPFQ buyer, and I'll pay fair price for what I'm looking for. Cash in hand so will be easy transaction. If you're considering selling or know someone that is, please message me.