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Good day all
First time posting, long time viewer.

I felt compled to post my experience with Whipple SC out of California.

My car which as we speak is being upgraded with a Whippl SC, new Heads, stage one Cam, and texas speed long tube headers and a few other things. All work has been completed but Whipple forgot to send all the parts for the SC. Today will be our third attempt to have them correct there error.

I warn you all if customer service is any indication as to what i have bought, i have to tell you all to stay clear of this company.

Once again. I normally do not react like this,
but a simple "I am sorry" would have gone a long way, well that and getting all the parts i paid $8400 for.馃え

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Welcome to the SS Forum, @Trottlutz !!

Lotsa indispensable information available here!! Sorry you are experiencing "Issues" with the vendor!! Let us know how it works out!!!!! There are MANY Whipple owners here,, perhaps they will chime in with some wisdom on the topic!!!

OH!! AND since I am also here in CommieFornia,,,, I wish you luck with the Smog Naz!s with that setup,, up in here!!! o_O

Good Luck!!


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Sorry to hear the trouble you have experienced with Whipple. If all the work has been completed what are you missing? $8400 that's not just the Whipple kits is it?

That is not the experience I had with Whipple. Had a broken bypass valve in shipping (6 weeks after it was delivered before I could install it was broken in shipping) they overnighted the part. One of the coolant hoses was not bent as I would have expected. They asked for a few pics and measurements hose was at my door in 2 days (built a custom hose for me) both with no charge.
I've dealt with Dennis with my issues he was very prompt with replies .

Not trying to make excuses. Whipple could be having staffing problems due to COVID. Temps might have been hired to pack and ship order as staff are sick?

Hope it works out. Let us know how your build comes out we all like to see dyno numbers please post them.

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Whipple was good to me as well ! Took care of any little issue including my mistakes. Dennis was always available.
What鈥檚 parts are missing ?
Are you doing the work ?
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