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When I Hear Music 2014: 09/06/14

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When I Hear Music 2014
CHC/Lou's 3rd Annual BBQruise
Location: Lou's Crib (Chicago)
Time: 7AM - ?

Meeting time is at 7AM, and the cruise departure is at 8AM!!!

Brothers and sisters, we are slowly approaching that time of the year, again! I am pleased to announce the details of my 3rd Annual BBQruise: When I Hear Music 2014! The first two years were quite amazing, and they have been a thrill to host. With my career, I have been tremendously busy this year, and it has made me very excited for this event! As I did with the past two events, I will announce the morning/afternoon cruise once I have everything set in stone. Making this a multiple-day event is also something I wanted to do for this year. So, put on your freshest gear, shine up your hot rods, and come on out! Escape reality for a day of adventure, fun, and laughs with your Holden family. I hope to see all of the familiar faces while also meeting new ones. Mark your calendars and request the day off if you have to. I promise, you will NOT want to miss this one. As always, I will provide the food and drinks. However, feel free to bring whatever you wish. I will not be doing any cooking this year, and I have already acquired a few caterers to assist me with this event. I just want everyone to enjoy this event, and I want to see everyone happy. I will post up the Friday and Sunday festivities, as well. Don't be a square, be there!


When I Hear Music 2014


Friday's Dinner Meet:

Greek Islands
200 S Halsted St
Chicago, IL 60661
(312) 782-9855

Reservations will be for 7PM.




Harley-Davidson Museum
400 W Canal Street
Milwaukee, WI 53201
1-877-HD-MUSEUM or 414-287-2789

I spoke with an event coordinator there, and I told him about the club. They were very excited to hear that we were coming, and I worked out a group event rate. The normal cost per adult is $18 for general admission without any tours or anything. However, we will do the 45-minute history tour with museum entrance, and it will be $16 a person. Now, they mentioned that they require one form of payment. So, for those who will do the tour, you can give me cash, and I will put it on my credit card. Otherwise, the normal group rate is $12 per person with over 15 people, but that is only for admission without any tours. So, we are getting a pretty good deal. The event coordinator is also going to give us enclosed, V.I.P. parking strictly for the CHC. It should be a blast! From there, we will cruise back and party it up the rest of the day & night!

Route back to Lou's Crib:

My address for those who need it:

Nineteen East Washington St.
Des Plaines, IL 6001Six

Let's do this!
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I might be interested. Have to check dates with the wife and stuff.
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