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wheel swap calculator

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A lot of new questions about wheel swap "will they fit" popping up.

Someone else posted this calculator and it's the best I've seen.

Online Wheel and Tyre Fitment Calculator. Offset, Tyre Stretch and Speedo Error | Will They Fit

The numbers that pop up are swapping a front wheel on the rear.

I got 4 fronts with TPM's and am going to put Michelin Pilot Sport AS/3 XL's on all 4 corners so I can rotate and survive winter weather. Yes I know the A/S3's suck in anything above a dusting of snow but they are super in wet and dry and I do not drive with snow on the roads!

According to my dynamics contact cornering and traction will not be an issue for 'normal' driving ... just pushing the top 25% of it's limits is where the non staggered start making it hairy. Also the TC will kick in sooner because of the smaller contact patch or it will smoke 'em sooner with it off. Of course going from the super sticky RE50A's to even the best of all weathers will loose grip also but again we are talking normal/spirited driving here and on public roads not pulling almost 1G which is kinda reckless.
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Think he wants to know who is the dynamics contact you mentioned in your earlier post. LOL
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