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Wait not as long now

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At 3300 available for seq means it gets prod week soonz51vett
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I actually saw an SS on Woodward (Michigan) two weeks ago, silver. Looked great in person, sounded pretty good with a mildly aggressive takeoff from the light with a driver in his early 50's or so.
not surprised
it is detroit afterall, the home to GM. good chance it was the same SS they used in the SS commercial
Maybe! Still have a contact or two out in Benicia.... I'm also following the Benicia Herald that sometimes posts ship passage.... you just never know where the information may come from....

If I am reading this correctly, production started and 72 cars are on a transport in the Pacific ocean. That information matches up with another thread:
sure seems like that's solid info, it's timed right with the original availability date everyone was familiar with, which was just a date range and not to a specific day
Just saw two Chevrolet SS sedans ready to be loaded on a truck at Elizabeth on my drive home from work. I think one was Silver but the other was Black with all the white protective plastic on them.
Will go back and see if I can get a picture when traffic dies down as it's an awkward spot to park close enough
Please get us some pictures, as you know, we love pictures :D

Seriously can't wait to see these cars roam our streets
“We will build as many as they want and I think Americans are going to love that car.”
^ that's what I like to hear, because before I could swear there was a production limit, that seems to no longer exist now.
Can't say that I've seen any on transporters but I might go for a drive to Outer Harbor tomorrow on my way home see if I can have a ganders, and it is the best route to see transporters.
I do however think I saw some Chevrolet Caprices the other day ( not sure if Middle East or PPV as it was raining just a tad. Visibility was not good that day.

Asylum would have a better idea than me though but I doubt the cars would be sitting around for long though especially if they have tickets for a boat ride.
Exactly, if anything they would be sitting not too far from their destination, like maybe at the U.S port or some new chevy vehicle lot in what ever state that specific car was orders in.
You know what they say about going black...

"Once you go black, you'll need to invest in a serious bucket, sponge, and chamois."
not only that but you need to pick up on some detailing skills and products, or ball out and find a good detailing locally and have them help you maintain the like-new condition of your black paint.
1 - 6 of 58 Posts
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