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Unless you are living under a rock, or are not the least bit interested in American performance cars, then you probably know by now that GM is finally bringing a new V8, rear-drive sedan to market. Called the Chevy SS, this premium sports sedan has been hinted at on Chevy’s new NASCAR competitor, but there are still plenty of details left to fill in.

Well apparently GM dropped some hints in the video above, though we have to credit Motor Authority’s sharp eyes for pointing them out. The video actually was part of the Chevy SS’s official reveal ahead of the L.A. Auto Show last week, and the images come up around the 10:40 mark of the video.

The image shifts from a computer-generated version of the NASCAR Chevy SS to hints at what the production model will look like. Specifically, the taillight and headlight assemblies…so not a whole lot. But it is something, and the way GM has been crafting their reveals, we can expect more teasers leading up to the official unveiling.

That’s cool, we can wait.

Because GM is positioning the Chevy SS as a premium sedan available only with a V8, you can expect the price to start in the mid-$30,000 range, and it will only go up from there. There could also be a ute and wagon version in the works, following the success of the Cadillac CTS-V, though hopefully it won’t be nearly as expensive.

OK – we lied. We can’t wait. We want to see it now, and the production reveal can’t come soon enough.

Video: GM Gives Us A Sneak Peek At Production Chevy SS - LSXTV
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