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VF Commodore - Blind Spot Alert

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Change lanes with certainty thanks to the Blind Spot Alert. This clever system constantly scans for approaching motor vehicles in your blind spot, and lets you know of any danger.

Disclaimer: The driver is always responsible for taking care and attention while manoeuvring the vehicle. The Blind Spot Alert is only an aid and is neither intended to, nor able to take over any responsibility.

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the only visibility problem i have with my calais (same car as G8/SS) is the front A pillor is too thick, it blocks my vision when turning and have to move back or forward to look around it, common problem on modern cars with a high saftey rating,
as for side and rear view, vision is good, as ameriacan-muscle said it's more about lazy drivers, don't know the sound yet but their is an icon in the door mirror which lights up when activated, you move over into somebodys lane the alarm goes off

it is also a good way to motivate a sleepy driver into paying attention
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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