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I installed a Vector Motorsports HSRK hardness tonight. I mounted the sensor in the former PCV location on the left backside of the VCM lid. The temperature on the Nav screen said it was 77 F outside and DashCommand said Ambient was 86. I drove the car 3 miles to get ice cream and all was good but I found it disappointing that my IAT stayed around 105 F. I figured the HSRK kit would have kept IAT approximately ambient. While in line for I’ve cream, the IAT rose to 150 F while I waited for over 10 minutes. I drove back home and there IAT dropped down to 100 F. When I got home, I swapped out the HSRK for the stock sensor and location to see if it faired better than the Vector setup. I drove the same route and saw approximately the same IAT of around 100 F. I drove back home, reinstalled the Vector HSRK and made sure all connectors clicked. I went back out and drove the same route and noticed the IAT ranged between 90-100 F. Halfway to the ice cream shop I noticed a CEL! I ran the DashCommand Diagnostics and it came back P0113 - Intake air temperature sensor 1 circuit voltage high. WTF. I went home, swapped back to stock IAT sensor and cleared the code.

I’m going to contact Vector Motorsports in the morning but has anyone had this issue before? Is this usually a wiring or sensor failure?

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