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Unthinkable Happened - need help

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Pretty shaken up, won’t go into too many details but you can probably guess what happened. I am somebody that always assumes the worst, so given mine is as rare as it is (MG slick 6mt), what are some suggestions/recommendations/advice to show State Farm to get them to fix this thing? As in, keep the value above the potential damage? Was a no fault accident with freak weather involved. Still runs no oil slick either. Will have it assessed next week.
Wheel Car Tire Land vehicle Vehicle

Wheel Car Tire Land vehicle Vehicle

I’m a younger guy going through a tough time lately, struggling with work and having to live at home in remote ME. Was en route to have my snows put on. Not to give y’all a sob story but I’ll be frank, the reason I continue to draw breath on this earth is because of this car. I just don’t know what to do, I want to have it repaired I don’t care if it’s not perfect, because the odds of finding a slicktop 6MT are slim to none. The time I’ve put into this car in regards to mods and care is astronomical to me anyway, so while I could always tear the frame rails out of a sunroof car (I’m 6’4+) and floor mount it I’d rather not, then I also have to restart the mod process. Im sure this is what rock bottom feels like in life with absolutely nothing going for me career wise life wise etc etc and my one escape from the prison of my mind was violently ripped from me. But any advice or help to get the best out of this situation would be appreciated more than any of you could ever imagine.

Hope you all are well,


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Yeah it’ll have to pass, not other option. Sucks being young and having had a lot going for you and now it’s literally all gone. Waking up this morning was, very hard to say the least. That car was something I looked forward to driving every day and got me out of bed a lot of the time.
Appreciate the sympathy y’all. Another bad mark on an already terrible year. Wanna see me tempt fate?

Can this year get any worse?

In all seriousness, one of you mentioned hiring a lawyer. What type of lawyer should I hire in this regard? Because I’m going to run these bastards for every cent and I will not stop until the last breath leaves my soul. They can drop me for all I care, after I’m through with them they’ll all have rightfully earned their paycheck for once. The car sits as pictured, I made sure I took the keys and locked it up and spoke to State Farm claims already. They have agreed to not look at the car until I am there and at a certain time. Should I have a lawyer with me? What documentation should I have to showcase rarity? What other pictures should I have or comparables?

At this point since I’ll never recover what I put in mod wise I think I will be moving on from the SS platform and rolling whatever check I can get into something else LS powered and manual and modified. Surprising what one can get for reasonable prices out there that’s already built. Maybe even another SS on here if it’s modified right. Who knows. Now to prepare for the pyrrhic trench warfare slog I’m going to have to partake in.

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You are correct, I am thankful to be completely unscathed. Holden’s design team indeed did a proper job, and believe it or not no airbags went off at all.

Was in middle lane still on my summer tires headed to get my snows put on believe it or not. Was a 40° rainy day, not the worst but certainly doable, left early to avoid the forecasted potential sleet. Guess not early enough. Flip the switch to sleet and snow and 30° in about a minute, slowed it down to 45 and I was trying to follow a dualie’s tracks to ultimately pull over when the slush became a bit too thick between lanes and dragged me sideways and away I went. Slid passenger-side first a good way and into the grass when I hit the guard rail. Probably shaved down to 30-35 by then. Bounced a perfect 360° and hit it again much slower of course and came to a rest there.

Appreciate the insight on the lawyer. I will do some research, ideally don’t want to pay a massive amount since I’m already down on my luck financially anyway. But not going to get reamed in any capacity.

Also appreciate the concern from all of you re mental aspect, including the resources. I promise that you all can rest assured, no permanent solutions will be made for temporary problems. Have lost too many folks in my life from that already and the ripple effect in the community and network is unimaginable, I couldn’t dream of being so selfish. I also tend to be a fairly dramatic writer, I suppose it’s always been a strong suit of mine, so I apologize if I scared anyone.

If anyone knows any lawyers up my way certainly pass the info on, would greatly appreciate it. I am debating getting the car hauled out of this tow yard and to my shop so it’s somewhere I trust and if I can get it to roll a bit, out of the weather. And that way if all goes to hell, I can have them start stripping surviving bits off of it since they put it together anyway.

While the pictures do look bad, there doesn’t seem to be any damage to the engine or drivetrain. I looked underneath on the wrecker and everything looked in place including the collectors of the headers, which may mean the crash bar and crumple zones took all of it. The frame itself is bent up front it seems but it doesn’t seem to be horribly bent ie could be straightened. From what I’ve shown to my shop and other folks who’ve done frame work they certainly believe it’s fixable.

Again, thank you all for the help during this time. Having faith and believing in a positive light whilst persisting the fight will ideally yield excellent results. Certainly not opposed to getting another SS with a blower on it, like I said it will at least be LS powered, whatever it is.

Cheers y’all.

Nat D
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So now that I’m recovering mentally, I am debating buying back either outright or at auction. Question is, given the market on parting these out would I get boned at auction? Should I just buy it back and go that route? Cheapest option is ideal of course.

All damage is forward of A pillar and some very experienced mechanics have said the frame is definitely fixable. I couldn’t care less if it’s a salvage title, the sentimental value is there that I’d spend the time and money sorting it out over the next 6-8 months myself after the frame is sorted. No oil slick so motor might be salvageable, the 10” between the radiator and motor may have saved it. If not, we go LSA. Would probably go to full coilovers since magnetic ride would be prohibitively priced. Couldn’t care less if it’s not perfect I want to make it into something I can beat the **** out of and not care. If it was salvage title I’d have way more fun with it anyhow.

Let me know thoughts, appreciate all the help. Would like this to live again in some form.
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And I would simply learn what I need to know as a I go along (already know quite a bit) and can add it to the resume. I don’t have much to lose in life right now so this may be a door opening that was previously unseen. And believe me, when I want to do something I care about, I will stop at nothing to achieve it.
The more I look however, it makes the most sense to simply get paid out to replace it, which will be the number I’m looking for anyway. There isn’t a single manual one in the nation under 39 and I don’t even think any are slicktops. Combine with rarity of color and I think I have a good case.
Yeah I’ve got several comparables with a manual at close mileage but I will harp on the fact that it’s a manual until they drop me. If it has to have a roof guess I’ll bolt the bloody seat to the floor then. And then not another soul can drive it but me.
Another question, mods obviously won’t add value to insurance payout unless any of you have had an experience where it does. However, what’re my chances of being able to have car brought to a shop and certain mods removed? And will that effect insurance payout?
Got it. Considering these cars are generally parted out, since I want my differential would I need to reinstall a stock diff? Or could I simply put it in the trunk along with say the driveshaft? Ideally want to save a bit on r&ring the parts
Thanks Brett. Would a G8 GT diff fit in an SS?
Most definitely if running summers. They are completely useless once it gets under 30° and throw snow/ice/freezing rain/sleet into the mix and it's when, not if, an accident will happen.
That’s the worst part, I usually throw my snows on much earlier but have been traveling so much for work I didn’t have the time. When I left my house it was 40°+ and damp, not ideal but certainly drivable and I knew the limit of these tires. It’s amazing how fast weather can change sadly. But I’m certainly looking to get another SS already modified as a summer only car from now on.

Found a manual ‘84 240D for winter escapades and daily driving until then.
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