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TT C6, why are you a member here?

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This is a forum to find out more information, discuss and even debate the new Chevrolet SS to a point.

In EVERY thread all you do is bash it, talk about how overpriced and outclassed it is.

So you don't like it and think it's overpriced.

Why stick around? You're ruining the atmosphere of the forum.

Perhaps that's your goal, to ruin the forum? Spread a bad word about the car because you work for a competitor? Just a lonely sad person?

Not sure, but I think it's time for you to move on.
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I agree with the OP.
Only the mentally challenged would expect this car, a much upgraded G8 GXP, to sell for considerably less than it did five years ago. Yet this clown won't let it go just because he once managed to get a good deal on a Vette! Give me a break!
He also demands things that were NEVER considered for this car, and thrashing about like a goose on a forum won't bring them, ever.
TT C6 has demonstrated complete contempt for details emerging about this car. He calls Gm & Holden liars for saying the VF is 70% all new. He claims the car is identical to the GXP, as if he would know.
To add insult to injury, every time he is caught out lying (often) he resorts to personal defamation. And lets not forget his mysogynist remarks about women.
The less we see of this tortured soul the better.
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Faaaaaaaq You.

You should agree with the OP since you both are the same new member or you both share the same limited IQ.
And yes, I would LOVE to personally injure you after your insults.

When will some of you Australians going to open your ears and get it through your thick skulls that Americans are already are paying $35k American dollars for a Commodore coupe in the Camaro 2SS ???
So, there is a precedent for OUR market paying $35k for this car.
So, my logic is sound.

I have ZERO problem with Holden.
My issues are with Chevy.

Ozstrap and Woody-

Both of you fail to post what you drive, what other toys you have in the garage, or when you are taking delivery of YOUR SS Sedans.
You are complete newbs here without ONE productive post between the two of you. You have nothing and you have offered nothing.
Talk all the $hit you want.
But, I will be driving a C7 and adding either a Alpha based ATS-V or a Camaro SS when you'll be getting a front wheel drive Commodore.

If I were you, I would be a miserable prick too.

You're dismissed.......
Thank you for putting your other foot in your mouth.
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How many times do I have to type "the SS Sedan will be a great buy with a manual transmission and a $35k actual sales price and possibly the best sports sedan for the money" for you to understand that's my position ???

You 2 are clearly looking for trouble with me.
So, you can take your 9 worthless posts on this website and GTFO.
You insist the Chevy SS is exactly the same as a G8 GXP, even when presented with evidence that 60% of the chassis is all new. You refuse to believe the front suspension is now made from aluminum, despite being presented with evidence that it is. I could go on ad infinitum.
Then you shout your biased BS from the rooftops, slagging the car at every opportunity.
And if you think you can possibly succeed in your quest to convince GM to drop the price to $35,000, you really are delusional. And you bore the s**t out of everyone in the process.
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The changes between VE & VF is not an "opinion". TT C6 claims the only differences are cosmetic. This is clearly wrong. His abusive manner doesn't bother me, his spreading of untruths does.
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You're a dumbass if you think the changes between the VF and the VE are "significant".
Do your own research.
Think for yourself.
My research reveals the changes are VERY significant. Can you please provide evidence to the contrary. And NOT something you have made up in your head. Links please.
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It's become obvious that you are a troll.
You don't feed trolls.
You ignore them.
I rest my case.
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I'm sure everyone has been bemused by these posts.
It is now clear that TT C6 cannot substantiate his scurrilous claims.
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