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Towing with an SS

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OK. I've mentioned this in another thread but wanted to get opinions. I have a tentative green light to buy an SS. But wife doesn't want 3 cars.

Going to get rid of the Nissan Armada, but I need to tow a jet ski with the SS or sell the Jet Ski. I don't really want to sell it.

I know the Aussies tow even bigger stuff with their Holdens but it seems Chevy wants you to buy a truck.

Think it will be ok to tow?

What equipment do I need to buy/install?
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Hi guys. I tow my 2013 Sea Doo GTX215 with my VF SSV Redline and I have a genuine Holden towbar kit fitted. I have no issues at all and I've never had a single problem. I'm sure it's made by Hayman Reece though. When I'm not using it I remove the tongue from it and cover it with a cover plate.
This was a $500 option from memory when I purchased mine very late October 2013.

This the Holden product I have installed

If you check out Hayman Reece International I'm sure they would make a kit for it and you should be able to purchase it in your neck of the woods

This is what it looks like

This is exactly what you require

If you would like me to post up some photos of mine just let me know :)
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