Tinted Rotofab CAI cover. Laser etched on tinted acrylic. Two (2) versions available. SS or the Lion.

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These pics still have the protective paper on the acrylic. If you unwrap the acrylic it will be tinted with an image that has a ghosted appearance.
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This is a pic of a member's engine bay with an unpainted logo.

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This is a pic of my engine bay. I chose to paint the logo on my cover.

I made a few of these back a few years ago. I was doing some laser cutting this week and decided to make of few of these. I only made a few. This is the thread on how to do the install.

RotoFab CAI Cover | Chevy SS Forum (ssforums.com)

Price is $120 + shipping. It will come with the VHB tape. Price is for the ghosted logos. If you want a logo painted, we can discuss what you want to determine a price.