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Tilt Down Mirrors -- Help!

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OK, not sure if this is the correct forum or not.... I saw that one could enable the tilt-down mirror function, so I did, and now I've decided I don't like it (I liked the way it was implemented on my 5-series: it only affected the passenger mirror and you could defeat it just by having the rear view mirror button in a certain spot. The SS tilts both mirrors down and I don't think that you can stop it without actually disabling the function). BUT, here's the confusing part--where do I defeat the function?? It looks like in the manual it is pointing you to Comfort & Convenience in the Config menu system but when I get to that menu page, there is no choice having anything to do with the tilt-down mirror function! I'm sure that I'm missing something, so please, help me out. Thanks.
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That's where it's at says reverse mirror tilt.
Indeed, and that's probably where I turned it on. The issue is, now that I've turned it on, when I go back to the same page, it is no longer there for me to turn off! Just wondering if anyone can either verify a bug or point me in the right direction to be able to turn off the tilt-down feature. Thanks.
OK, I think I sort of figured it out/answered my own question. Basically, with the rear view mirror selector in "neutral" (neither left or right mirror selected), the option for the tilt-down goes away. Once I selected the Left mirror and then went in to the menu, the tilt-down selection was available again and I was able to turn it off. Whew! Thanks for the feedback.
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It sounds like you've already covered this, but for me, I had to have the rocker switch clicked over to a mirror side--if it was in "neutral" (not checked left or right), the option wasn't there. Now, I don't know if you might have to have it specifically clicked to Left (Driver's) side, but that's what I did.

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