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Hey all, only been apart of the SS group for maybe 3 months. Picked up a 2016 chevy ss with 9000 miles. Recently a week ago I threw on the KOOKS Catted Long tubes. A week has gone by no CEL until today when driving home. The Codes are : P0420 - U0101 - U0109

The P is from the sensors obviously which I didn’t think it would still throw a code even with the catted set up but oh well, the other 2 that worry me is the 101&109. I have attached pictures as well! I was looking into the forums and found that someone had a similar problem with a ground wire at the back of the cylinder head? Idk who it was but if so let me know. If any of you guys have any questions or any answers please send them my way! I have only the headers on right now no other mods, waiting for my intake to throw the E85 sensor and injectors with the intake and then tuned! Thanks!!
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