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They Tried This Already

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Anyone remember the G8, anyone remember Pontiac. We're seeing everything twice from GM, they're limping through their own channel stuffed pool. Does anyone actually believe GM is selling vehicles? AHAHAHAHAAAA

The SS is just going to end up rotting on dealer lots as pensions get eaten up in the name of sustainability!

This company is a pissss
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so you see what I'm saying. Too Big to Fail means frail, entrenched and choking on its own spit.
C'mon, dude.
GM only needs to make TWO changes to the SS Sedan and I'm on board.
A stick and a lower price isn't much. It's not like I'm a GM hater.
same here, I have a major love affair with my 69 camaro pace car. not to mention learning stick hooooning in my pops old chevelle. But i hate to watch this company lumber around looking for its noose.
C'mon guy.
GM isn't going to fail. The government won't let it happen.
exactly why they're limping around, they have no incentive to save their own asses with something truely cutting edge
See channel stuffing from zerohedge:

no one is actually buying....
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honestly if they offered it with a manual even at the same price I think it would still sell better.
you would think so, but look at sales numbers of manual tranny across manufacturers, the number has been steadily decreasing. I'm not sure really how much difference it makes when the majority is indifferent..
You're wrong

GM Reports Highest Monthly Sales Since September 2008

Sales numbers are higher then they've been in a long time. About 5 years actually. GM has A LOT of stuff hitting the market this year, only about half of it has been released, we'll start seeing a larger upward trend next year when they've all been available since jan 1.
Thats what channel stuffing is. GM stuffing the vehicles down its dealers throats. The dealers have to BUY the cars from GM and then flip them at profit, thats why prices are variable across dealers. So no you're wrong, those are smoke a mirror numbers to make everyone feel peachy about AMERIKA
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