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the new corvette stingray

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post all your beans here

Yes it's not an SS but its a Chevy and it seems like a very respectable upgrade. Not sure about the design yet. Still deciding.
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I watched those videos and got to thinking - I rarely carry passengers and I hate the small trunk of the Camaro. The Corvette has always had good storage in the trunk and I have a truck for anything really big... 30mpg hwy... Hmmm... The only problem is I'd want a Vette spec'd similar to the one in the video which stickered at close to $70k.

I know right? I'm still on the fence about the SS though, I'd rather wait another year to see what they do with it, and also see what ends up in the ATS-V.
ATS-V will have the twin-turbo V6 already seen in the V-sport. I assume it will be tuned for more power - closer to 450hp.

I'm sure we'll be hearing about the alpha SS by this time next year. All of Australia will be clamoring for info on the Commodore replacement.
Theres already guys doing some stupid fast things with the ATS, the guys at Pfdat have an ATS package that’s more than capable of running the Texas Mile at 162.5 mph.

Now what im really excited for are when we start seeing the go fast goodies pop up for the SS. even a new downpipe could work wonders.

Anyone hear anything yet about SS performance tunes?
I'm sure we can expect similar gains to what's been seen in the GXP. Anyone with knowledge on that can chime in.
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