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The 46k question, 2014 Chevy SS or base 2014 Cadillac CTS?

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The 46k question, 2014 Chevy SS or base 2014 Cadillac CTS?

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Originally asked on MT, posting it here to see what you guys would do...

So, now we have info, which would you choose? the fantastic looking CTS or the Wallflower with a secret SS? It seems standard equipment on even the base CTS will be similar to the SS so the biggest difference would be under the hood, as far as performance anyways.


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What are you talking about?
I am talking a NEW Corvette versus a NEW SS Sedan this year.

(Already regretting this conversation)
RRP ( Recommended Retail Price ) in Aussie is MSRP to you guys. Which seems to be where the similarities end.

In Australia it is illegal to sell above this RRP ( some companies probably get away with it though ) there are heavy penalties for breaching this though.

When looking at the way MSRP is dealt with over there I find it difficult that dealers and such get away with it but I guess different rules for different markets
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