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ThatDudeInBlue 2015 Chevy SS Review

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First time he's driven and reviewed a manual SS. Whatever the owner did to this SS it sounds perfect, probably the best sounding SS I've ever heard but that could just be due to the high quality audio recording setup the reviewer has.
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nice review - echos my sentiments exactly.
Good review. I think most journalists/reviewers get it wrong when they say it was a sales failure/flop/disappointment/etc. While GM may have had designs on higher production/sales during its development, by the time they actually began building the SS they had decided it would be a low volume model just to keep Holden open a few more years and meet export agreements. As such, they did zero marketing and allowed sales to be essentially word of mouth.

‘16 SSB, stick, roof and spare.
exactly, they didn't want it to take off they were just meeting a contract to keep the factory open till a certain date
I too, wonder odd that is stock mufflers with just long tube headers and mid pipe.

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I've seen his car in another video. It is listed that it is American Racing Headers longtubes with a Borla Type S axel backs. Sounds amazing!
Agreed--it sounds fantastic! It's a bummer that the only options you can get similar to the SS (4-doors, usable backseat, manual transmission, 6+ cylinders) in the new car market today are the M3 (~$80k+) and CT5-V Blackwing (~$95k+)
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