I have some parts from a recent facelift and past parts swap. Putting them up here before taking them elsewhere. My pile of parts is getting ridiculous.These are all the original parts at various mileage.

1) Headlamp set, removed at 56K mi., $400 plus shipping
Automotive parking light Grille Vehicle Hood Automotive tire

Motor vehicle Automotive tire Combat vehicle Automotive design Automotive wheel system

2) Catalytic converters, removed at 19K mi., $500 plus shipping
Font Automotive exhaust Metal Fashion accessory Everyday carry
Automotive tire Wood Rim Gas Automotive wheel system
Automotive tire Gas Auto part Rim Circle

3) Brembo calipers, removed at 58K mi., $500 plus shipping
Vehicle Automotive design Motor vehicle Wood Bumper
Wood World Automotive design Flooring Floor
Gas Auto part Font Metal Personal protective equipment