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Take a Look at this beauty

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2014 VF Commodore Redline


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too bad we cant get it here:sadViolin:

Dont worry, Aussies miss out on quite a few things interior/mechanical wise compared to the chev SS. Holden SS makes do with heated seats only unlike the Chev SS with heated and cooled seats (can you believe that? In a continent as hot as Aus!), the LS3 and paddle shifts on auto models. Not even the HSV's have paddle shifts in their auto's. Not that i would buy an auto to be honest but still. I understand why Holden does without the LS3 but why dont Holden/HSV get the seats and paddle shifts?
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SS doesn't get heated or cooled seats in any trim level. We also don't get drivers memory seat, electric passenger seat, auto dimming mirror or the aux video out on the back of the centre console.
This is copied directly from the Chev SS website:
'Hand-wrapped soft leather-appointed 10-way power seats are heated and ventilated allowing customization to different driver preferences.'

Also forgot to add HID lights for the Chev SS which Holden's version dont come with.
Holden SS is a base model car with a V8 and not much else, all the toys are on the ssv & redline model.
I should have been a little more specific in my comparison. I was actually comparing Holden's SSV with the Chevrolet SS, not the base Holden SS. Lucky b******* pretty much get a HSV clubsport for SSV money :tongue:
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1 - 3 of 23 Posts
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