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Stood on it today

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Will not go into reason you know, but temps were at 43 degrees. All nannies on 575 miles could feel tire spin and wow does it move surprised a few with it.
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Hey z51vett,
The weather in central texas has been awful for the last 3 days! Staying in the 30's with rain. I've only taken my white SS out once. I can't wait for the stinking rain to quit. I have 420 miles on mine. I have stepped on it some but not to the floor yet. What a blast! I love this car. I have no regrets even with the gas mileage. The sun is suppose to be out tomorrow. I can't wait. Ha! Its about time to smoke um a little.
Hey z51vett,
The weather in central texas has been awful for the last 3 days!
A-FREAKING-MEN! My daughter lives in the "Greater Austin" area and drives an SRT Charger with a 426 Stroker in it. She said its scary in the rain. She has been miserable ..... then the sunroof started leaking. She ain't happy but she is heading home for T-giving so I can work on it.
I have 225 miles on my Back SS. Really loves this sunny SoCAL weather.
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Felt tire spin from a roll or from a stand still? Probably the cold tires. Did you feel the nannies take over. Just wondering, trying to compare it to the LS3 in my 11 SS.

Edit: never mind, found the traction control/nannies thread. Seems to be the same system used in the Camaro.
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