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Stock Wheels and Tire Rotation

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Does it bother anyone else that the tires on the SS can't be rotated front to back?

I personally don't like it as these are expensive tires and will lead to the front tires edging out and wearing out quicker than the rears. Anyone planning to change out the tires and rims to a consistent width on all 4 wheels? Will a 265 width tire fit on the front without clearance issues?
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The tires look like the tread pattern is directional. So the tires cannot be rotated. Then of course the are bigger in the back than front. Any comment please. The spare in the trunk is 245/40zr19. I believe although the rear is wider the O.D. is the same front to rear. Will be getting service soon and would like to know what they can do for rotation.
They are not directional.
Only rotation is side to side. No front to back, of course.
It's in the owners manual.
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