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Steve Manson Engineering Program Mgr Talks SS

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Found this interesting: Steve Manson, Holden Engineering Program Manager for the SS talks SS. Skip ahead to 11:45 on the Video, unless you want to count how many times the marketing guy says "um".
Particularly the three modes of the car and how the steering changes when you put the car in track mode. Had to try it today, took the SS on the highway and definitely could tell the difference in the steering, much better response and feel. I'll probably use this mode more often.

On another note, or thread, I broke 100 miles on the odo, and the highway driving has me up to 12 mpg now from 11.

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Bad news im in chicago acura dealer called 3 chevy dealers to get appraisal. Chevy said cars worth 35000 and said its not doing well told acura dont buy car because chevys putting 6000 rebate. Next month and there mite not be a 15

TT is that you??

Why would an Acura dealer call a Chevy dealer to ask about cars? Why would you want them to? Just go to the Chevy dealer and ask yourself.

Am I missing something in translation?

1 - 1 of 23 Posts
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