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Only if you have a heavier foot. All the VF's use less fuel due to weight loss and electric steering.

How can you possibly conclude the SS will use more?
higher or more miles per gallon is the same as reduced fuel consumption, so it is just US speak for improved economy. would need to look at a Clubby R8 fuel economy sticker to get a rough guide.

Clubsport combined urban/extra urban average is 14.8 litres per 100 kilometres as far as I could find anyway

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The SS should have slightly better MPG's because of:
- slightly lighter
- electric steering
- different tires
- different programming (ECM/TCM)

And that side by side interior shot really hammers home the added value of the SS.

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I understood his statement as meaning MORE miles per gallon, or better mileage?
we have had the metric L/100km system in aus for so long we are used to a smaller number in better.

with the MPG system a higher number is better, it took us years to get used to it,
the younger the person the less they will relate to MPG, i went through both systems during my school years, i started school with imperial and finished in metric, so i had to learn both, if i ask my 20+ y/o stepsons to explane MPG :confused::confused::confused:

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I'm hoping the gas guzzler is less but the requirements are not the same. Zr1 changed trans gearing and tax went down I think 5 to 7 hundred dollars.
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