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Articles(Don't feel like reading? Skip to post #5 for videos)

GM announces new rwd sedan (no date)

When is a flop not a flop? -Daily Kanban (Nov 2013)
Why GM Isn't Trying To Sell The Chevy SS (And Why It Matters) - DailyKanban

2014 SS Car and Driver Instrumented Test "Bombastic LS3" -Car and Driver (Dec 2013)
Bombastic LS3 V-8

2014 SS AutoWeek First Drive -AutoWeek (Dec 2013)
2014 Chevrolet SS drive review | Autoweek

2014 SS vs. 2013 Dodge Charger SRT8 392 -Car and Driver (Dec 2013)

2014 SS Motor Trend First Drive -Motor Trend (Dec 2013)

2014 SS Edmunds First Drive - Half price M5 -Edmunds (Dec 2013)

2014 SS Automobile First Drive -Automobile (Dec 2013)
2014 Chevrolet SS Review - Automobile Magazine

Drives Like a 4-Door Corvette -Forbes (Dec 2013)

2014 SS Leftlane News First Drive -Leftlanenews (Jan 2014)
New-car-buyingchevroletssreview?adsafe_url= - LeftLaneNews

2014 SS Motor Authority First Drive -motorauthority (Jan 2014)
2014 Chevrolet SS first drive review

2014 SS First Drive (Jan 2014)
2014 Chevrolet SS review

Not What it First Appears to Be -Hover Motor Company (Jan 2014)

Vroom for Love -Washington Post (May 2014)

Chevy's First Performance Sedan Since 96 -CarAdvice AU (May 2014)

Clark Kent Would Want One -TFLcar (June 2014)

The Bruiser from Oz -bbc autos (Nov 2014)

This guy prefers the SRT 392 -drivearabia (Nov 2014)

2015 SS - Automobile mag first drive (Dec 2014)

2015 SS - AutoWeek first drive (manual) -AutoWeek (Dec 2014)

2015 SS - MotorTrend first drive (manual) -Motor Trend (Dec 2014)

2015 SS - Car & Driver - "Chevy builds the E39 M5 that BMW won't" - C/D (Dec 2014)

2015 SS - Better enthusiast package with manual? -gmauthority (Dec 2014)

E39 M5 v2? -Road & Track (Mar 2015)
The Comparison: 2003 BMW M5 vs. 2015 Chevrolet SS

Stock Car for the Road -AutoWeek (June 2015)

15 Unconventional Family Haulers -MotorTrend (June 2015)

Notes From the Driveway: 2015 Chevrolet SS -MotorAuthority (July 2015)

Track Ready Family Sedan (July 2015)

Top 11 Vehicles We Don't Praise Enough -MotorTrend (July 2015)

Hot 2015 SS Lets You Shift for Yourself (Aug 2015)

2014 SS Digital Trends First Drive (Dec 2015)

Aussie Turned American Hero -The Drive (Feb 2017)
2017 Chevrolet SS Is an Aging Aussie Turned American Hero - The Drive

Order Window Closed -GM Authority (Feb 2017)
2017 Chevrolet SS Orders Officially Closed | GM Authority

Great article written by forum member Erika (SkywayDriver) -cbslocal (Mar 2017)
The Last Of The V8?s « CBS Tampa

Chevy Stops Production -ABC7 (Apr 2017)
Chevrolet stops production of SS sedan |

Why So Surprised? -Road and Track (Apr 2017)
Why Are We So Surprised When GM Makes a Great Performance Car?

2017 SS Quick Take -Kelley Blue Book (Apr 2017)

2017 SS Last Test -Motor Trend (Apr 2017)
2017 Chevrolet SS Last Test: The End of a Performance Era - Motor Trend

1,217 SS sold during March 2017 20% off sale -Truth About Cars (Apr 2017)
Chevrolet SS Sales Finally Take Off Just In Time To Say Goodbye

Goodnight, Sweet Prince -Motor 1 (Apr 2017)

2017 SS LS1Tech review -LS1tech (May 2017)

Last SS built (w/ group photo of factory employees) -Motor Authority (May 2017)
Holden builds final Chevrolet SS | Fox News

A Fond Farewell -Daily News (May 2017)
Short Report: 2017 Chevrolet SS Sedan - NY Daily News

Last of the V8 rwd manual sedans -Curbside Expatriot (May 2017)
Curbside Expatriot: 2017 Chevrolet SS ? ?She?s the last of the (four door, RWD, manual) V8s!?*

Will the SS be a collector's car? -Hagerty (May 2017)

What Family Car is Genuinely Fun to Drive? -Road and Track (Nov 2017)

Best Road Trip Cars -Road and Track (March 2018)

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Related Articles (Holden, Opel, Vauxhall, etc)

Americans forced to wait for their Commodore (April 2013)

Commodore SS (May 2013)

VF Commodore, the engineering story (May 2013)

VF Commodore, model-by-model guide (May 2013)

VF Commodore, cheaper but higher tech (May 2013)

VF Commodore, launched at last (May 2013)

VF Commodore SS-V Redline, first drive (May 2013)

VF Commodore, launch w/video (May 2013)

VF Commodore SS-V vs. 300C SRT8 (July 2013)

Holden set to clash with Tony Abbott over falling exports and government assistance (September 2013)

Vauxhall VXR8 - what the SS could've been? -Digital Trends (Dec 2013)

SSV Redline tech review (Feb 2014)

SS-V vs. SS-V Redline (June 2014)

Bigger V8 for Holden's last SS (October 2014)

GM underestimated impact of Holden factory closures (January 2015)

Who killed the car industry? (November 2015)

Feel the noise of the VFII SS Redline (December 2015)

Holden to offer full Commodore range until factory closure (August 2016)

Holden announces when it will close the Elizabeth plant (January 2017)

Chevrolet SS sales skyrocket in the US (April 2017)

20 best cars that still offer manual transmission -Popular Mechanics (Mar 2017)
20 Best Stick Shift Cars - Best Cars That Still Offer a Manual Transmission

12 Best Sleepers in Last 25 Years -Road & Track (May 2017)
12 Best Sleepers Sold in the Last 25 Years - Top Sleeper Cars

Holden Goes Extra Mile -GM media (May 2017)

Commodore SS-V Redline vs. Mustang GT (May 2017)

Holden Ceases Chevrolet SS Production (May 2017)

Holden's Commodore line at Elizabeth now up for sale (May2017)’s-commodore-line-at-elizabeth-now-up-for-sale

HSV GTSR W1 Track Comparison (June 2017)

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(This thread will take too long to load for some people if I add too many links in the post, so I'll put the most viewed ones here. You'll have plenty to choose from on the YouTube sidebar if you view any of these on the YouTube site anyway).

On the fence about picking up an SS? This video by Motor Trend should help make up your mind.
May 2016 (I realized this isn't in date order, but it's probably the most popular video for the SS)

SS "rips up asphalt" -USA Today (unknown date)

Feb 2014 - TheSmokingTire channel

April 2014 - Everyday Driver channel

April 2014 - Everyday Part 2

April 2014 - Hooniverse

July 2014 - FastLaneDaily

Oct 2014 - Matt Maran Motoring (previously subaruwrxfan )

Sep 2015 - Matt Maran Motoring

May 2017

June 2018 Regular Car Reviews

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Related Videos (related, such as Holden and Vauxhall reviews)

Holden Production Line & Lights Out - great video! Oct 2017

60 minutes Australia about end of Australian car production

NASCAR Jimmy Johnson commercia

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