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This is to get an idea on quantities?

SS forum Mockup of possible Tops and Baseball Caps

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These are just a mockup of the proposed Merchandise that can definitely be made in smallish Volumes.
White and also Black can definitely be done given a minimum order run of 12 to 15 of each item
Playing around with the idea of screen printing the T-Shirt Front and Back small over pocket on front and larger on the Back depending on Feed Back given.

Estimates on pricing (price includes shipping to your door)

1 - Polo shirt shipped will be $40 from S to XL
(XXL - XXXL add $5)

1 - Tshirts shipped will be $30 from S to XL
(XXL - XXXL add $5)

1 - hats shipped will be $25 s/m or L/XL

Or a package price of all 3 items for $75 delivered

In the poll above it is a pretty basic how many definitely want either or all of these options and how many want basic black or white.


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Humm, I can see it all.
I had suggested the Tees with the larger logo on back and small over the pocket (or small logo there with no pocket is okay with me too) as those are my preference when purchasing "event" type shirts.
Admin also talked about an estimate for the purchase of all three for $75
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Does this work?
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Dang, I can see it all, must be a Mod thing? :shrug:
1 - 3 of 19 Posts
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