Selling a wide range of parts I had collected for the 2015 SS that I just sold. Need to clean out the garage. Would prefer local pickup, but will ship if needed. Prices listed are not firm, make me an offer.

1. Sold
2. 92275952-New 2015-17 OEM SS M6 drive shaft--$290
3 NA- New Commodore/SS Black Overhead Console in Black with blemish-$90
4. 92263786--Used 14-17 SS Steering Wheel Airbag--$180
5. Sold
6. 92276907--New 14-17 SS Air Conditioner Compressor--$240

11. 92275162--New 14-17 SS Front Left and Right Headlamp assembly--$515 each
12. 92225042--New 14-17 SS Rear Left and Right knuckle--$190 each

20. New 5th Gen Camaro 3.91 Differential (also direct swap for SS Sedan Differential)--$1250
21. New 5th Gen Camaro 3.91 Z28 Differential (direct swap for SS Sedan and has built in cooler lines that can be plugged or used)--$1250
22. New OEM 15-17 SS Sedan Left and Right Axle Shafts--$360 each

29. New OEM 5th Gen Camaro ZL1 short throw shifter (Direct swap for SS Sedan Shifter--$150 Shipped
30. Sold
31. 92282569-New OEM 14-17 SS Sedan Driver Seat Bottom Cover-New prices are around $850. Asking $420 shipped
32. Sold
33. 92282575-New OEM 14-17 SS Sedan Passenger seat Bottom Cover-New price is around $540. Asking $380 shipped.
34. 92287742-New OEM 14-17 SS Sedan Rear Lower Control Arms-New 140ish, asking $200 shipped for the pair. (system will show as 15-17 SS fitment, but will also work with 14 SS Models
35. 92286946- New Set of 4 red Holden logo center caps-$130 shipped
36. New OEM assortment of rear toe, trailing arms and front radius arm and front lower control arm. The rear toe arms are ZL1 model which will swap to SS and have stronger bushings but wont give as harsh of a ride as poly bushings will. (had another set installed on my car)-new these parts total $800+ shipping if they are available. Asking $550 shipped
37. Sold
38. Sold
39. New OEM Assortment of SS suspension components. Consist of rubber spring seats, top mounts with bearings, dust cover. Also including front strut springs which are now discontinued. New they total $480+ Asking $355 shipped.
40. OEM 15-17 SS Sedan rear bottom seat and cushion. This is a takeoff from my SS as I swapped out the lower seat on my ss with the 14 model to get the cupholders just for giggles. New together it be 900ish. Asking for $420 plus shipping.

I have more to add soon
Edited--heavily reducing prices