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Solo axle back to ARH or Kooks question

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If I buy the solo axle back which mates to the stock exhaust and just replaces the stock bi-modal mufflers then if I upgrade to long headers and hi-flow cats the Solos will bolt right up to the mid-pipe... correct?
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I have 1-7/8" ARH longtubes and high flow cats to Solo axleback. Nothing rattles, zero drone, quiet as stock at cruising speed on the interstate. Put the factory mufflers back on to check the difference after the cam and long tube install, Solo was deeper, less "tinny" and sounds much better to both myself and my wife. It is beastly sounding at WOT to be sure, but that doesn't happen in the city, and certainly not in my neighborhood.
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Well. It turns out I am probably getting ARH to Solos. I hesitate to say why. Someone else's insurance is replacing the Solo axlebacks that I had on there and the rest of the exhaust system with ARH. Not sure how to feel about it.
A follow up to post #19, found a video from last summer and just dropped it on YouTube for you. (y)

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