Updated April 9, 2022 - Mods please take note that I've allowed up to May 20th for the prospective buyer to complete the purchase.
Updated April 3, 2022 – Stock 2014-15 wheels are back on the car. That’s the only change, so far. Photos updated to reflect change.
Alchemy Purple Metallic: A single year color, 2015, 1 of 61 imported to the USA and only 14 of the 61 were equipped with a 6-speed manual transmission.
This is #3 of 4 in its configuration - 6-speed manual transmission, sunroof, no spare, no inflator. However, a heavily curbed 2014/15 OEM front wheel is provided as a spare and a non-OE inflator is also included.
No accidents – Carfax included along with maintenance log of the work that I’ve done to the car.
Odometer as of March 21, 2022 = 28,631 miles
Miles are likely to increase about 50 miles a month. Just to keep things loosened up.
Mods I’ve installed:
Holden Badging, including steering wheel horn/airbag and cargo mat. However the HUD and radio are still Chevy branded. I know that the VFII badge is incorrect, but no one around here has any idea what a Holden is. However they know what the LS3 badge means ;)
Front fascia chrome delete (except Holden & LS3 badge)
CHE rocker arm bushings
Skip-shift eliminator
RotoFab CAI
Kooks 1-7/8-inch headers with 3” hi-flow catted X-pipe into stock mufflers. Note: CEL illuminated for rear O2 sensors, can be turned off with a tune. Speaking of… Depending on ambient conditions during the dyno session, these most common mods bump up RWHP to around ~405-410 +/- a tad. Note: This car is still operating on the stock tune.
New rotors and Power Stop Z26 brake pads. Note: Brake fluid flush is due.
3D Maxpider floor mats
The only possible mechanical issue that I’m aware of: Front (left?) suspension “creak”. I’ve experienced it 2 times since I’ve owned the car. Both times it happened when entering my driveway at an angle, as I always do to avoid scraping the front fascia. The previous owner experienced it too. The PO had his Chevy service center + a performance shop troubleshoot it and neither could reproduce the issue, nor could they identify any problems with the front suspension.
My local Chevy service center verified that the steering rack that was replaced for the recall was a good part and not the same part that was recalled. They too couldn’t reproduce the “creak” issue. So that random gremlin remains…
Upcoming/Due (overdue?) Maintenance – Brake/clutch fluid flush and manual transmission fluid (due to age vs miles). These are the PM items that I had planned to do at 30k miles, but it’s taking longer than usual to get there, so basically soon. Both fluids visually look still okay.
Cosmetic: JK Opti performed fantastic paint restoration + 100 million year ceramic coating, give or take 100 million years. It’s a joke… The longevity of ceramic coating that is. A few automated car washes and poof!, the ceramic coating is gone. Clear vinyl is also applied to the front bumper area, headlights, 1/3 of the hood section, A-pillars and the front ~8-inches of the roof. Speaking of car washing… If and when I needed to scrub off bug guts, I strictly use the 2 bucket method. Otherwise, for the most part, the ceramic coating allows for shooting it with the foam cannon, rinse, followed by a deionized water rinse for a spot free shine.
Cosmetic Bad: The black trim on the roof could use some reconditioning and the trim around the sunroof. When I took possession of the car the rear doors each had a spot on the edge indicating the car was a giver of a door ding. Both spots were touched-up with matching paint by Dr Colorchip and are now almost invisible.
Extras: I can include with the purchase, at no extra charge, the OE exhaust headers, “cats” & pipes, air intake setup and Chevy front grille, plus front/rear Chevy badging and *OE Wheels if you wish to reset it to that fresh off the RORO look. Buyer must arrange transportation for any/all of these items that cannot be transported with the vehicle at the time of purchase.

I just noticed that the default video quality is 720p... Be sure to click the cog and select 1080p to get the best quality video. Also, both camera's were equipped with a RODE SVM, so be sure to listen to the cold start videos using quality headphones/speakers. And for whatever reason my comments in the video clips didn't make the cut. The reason I shot the walk around video and pictures where/when I did, was because the pollen was falling like rain that day, so I had a small window to shoot the video and pictures before the car was heavily covered in pollen again.

Link to updated walk around video
Link to cold start video
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Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Grille
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Tire Wheel Car Vehicle Automotive tail & brake light
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