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So who has double clicked the traction control button yet?

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Just got my new SS this Saturday. They are going fast.. None of the dealerships I left my info with called me back - just stumbled onto the last one.

At any rate, I opened the manual, saw the comment about "competition mode" and not to engage in it unless you are on a closed race track.

I immediately entered competition mode, and all I can say is...

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Well, based on some limited experience (I haven't hit 100 miles on the odometer yet)

- It tones down Traction Control and maintains stabilitrak.

I'm not positive, but it seems in performance mode, the engine gets "taken off the leash" a bit as well, so if you can keep it straight you get dramatically improved acceleration.
It definitely alleviates some of the torque management settings that's in the factory tune. If you're brave enough, find a good tuner in the area and tune all that out of the computer for good! (this will void your 5/yr100K powertrain)
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