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Sirius XM Trial - how long?

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When I picked up my car, the dealer said the free trial was for 3 months. There is nothing on the window sticker about the trial but the Chevvy SS brochure says it is a 12 month trial. Could you let me know what you received with your new car? I suspect it defaults to 3 months and then you 'remind' your dealer or Sirius at 3 months to get it extended. Thats what happened on my 2011 Grand Cherokee.

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Well, and I are hooked, kind of hate paying for it though as we really only listen to one station; 36, Alt Nation. I think it was only a 3 month trial that got us hooked.
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This is a fairly old topic, but I had a problem with my SiriusXM service trial period length. It was setup with a 3 month trial instead of 12 months. I confirmed my window sticker and the Chevy website both stated 12 months.

I called SiriusXM and after about 30 minutes on the phone with a very nice service rep. She was able to get it confirmed, after getting their dealership support group involved, that it should be a 12 month free trial. That 30 minutes saved me 9 months of charges from SiriusXM. :)
... and the 12 mos. is all access all channels and web etc access to boot!!!
Where do you see this listed for the 2015? eBrochure_120514.pdf

Also listed on the Monroney on the '14's haven't paid attention to a '15.

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