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Seat Covers - Prototyping Vehicle Needed

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Hi all,

tl/dr version:

Wet Okole (and I) would like to find someone willing to bring their SS by one of their shops so that they can use it to build a seat cover pattern. In exchange the person who brought their car in would get seat covers for it for 50% off of their normal price.

They would need access to the car for ~6hrs.

I have been dealing with Nohemi Lara at Wet Okole. Her contact information is: [email protected] and their web site is here: Car Seat Covers | Seat Covers | Custom Seat Covers | Truck Seat Covers | Automotive Seat Covers

They have an office in California, and one in Hawaii (from their web site):

Wet Okole Hawaii
1670 Sunflower Ave
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
Main (714) 434-9000
Fax (714) 434-9001

Toll Free (888) 246-5653

Wet Okole Hawaii - Oahu
1727 Dillingham Blvd.
Honolulu, HI 96819
Ph: (808) 531-9778
Fax: (808) 536-5653

Now the long version:

I have a little one on the way, and I am fanatical about keeping my vehicles as clean as possible. To that end I recently purchased a set of rear seat covers to protect the back of my '07 Mazdaspeed6 from the inevitable spills and mess.

I was (and still am) highly impressed with the quality of their seat covers. They fit well and don't look like the stereotypical cheap seat cover that you would normally think of. The average person (read non-gearhead) would not realize that they were seat covers at all. The biggest giveaway is that the front seats are leather and the back seats now look like cloth.

The added bonus is that the seat cover material (neoprene) is waterproof and easy to clean. I don't think I would take a hose to my back seat, but general spills and stains should be no problem.

Since the seat covers were of such high quality, I immediately went on their web site to see if they make a cover for the back seat of the SS which is where one of you come in.

In order to be able to order a set of rear seat covers, I need someone to take their car to Wet Okole so that they can measure for the seat cover pattern.

(I would be happy to take my car in so that they could work on it, but I have two problems: #1, I live in Texas, its a little too long of a commute, and #2, I don't have my SS yet...)

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Let me know if I can facilitate the process in any way.


Full disclosure: In exchange for facilitating this process, I get two things:
One (and far and away the most important to me): I will be able to purchase a good fitting, good looking, durable, waterproof set of rear seat covers for my (soon to be purchased) SS.
Two: I get the seat covers for 50% off in exchange for talking one of the forum members into bringing their car in and leaving it there for ~6hrs.

Also, I would like to apologize in advance if this post is out of line. If this is an issue, let me know and I'll pull it down (or ask for help pulling it down).
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I live in Los Angeles and could find the time to take it in but only if they throw in the covers for free...and I don't think that's asking for much...especially since I have to take the day off work and wait there for 6 hours.hope this this just for a rear seat cover or a full set?
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