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Red or Yellow coil spring shipping blocks

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i noticed my car was making a suspension groan.. then i noticed these red blocks on the front springs, my guess is they are shipping blocks? did the dealer forget to remove them during pre delivery? anyone?
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YES HE DID FORGET! They are to remove those along with the rear disc covers (I'm sure they must have removed those though?)
rear dics covers? what do they look like?
They look like this:
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How does it drive now Ray? Can you feel the difference?
Saw these on my car. Thanks to this forum I now know what they are. Calling dealer tomorrow!!
Well welcome to the forum jlooking! Glad this place was able to help you recognize those shipping spacers ;)
So please tell us some more; what color and options did you get and where are you from?
Hummm, and somehow, their SS has 426 horsepower?!?!?! Sheesh :sarcasm:
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But anyway; welcome to the forum Voltron!
Yes magnetic ride SS have them too.
I concur. :)
Welcome to the forum RenegadeSS! Bummer about the PSI and blocks, but you're not the first and I'm sure you won't be the last :wink
Both are easily fixed at home though if you don't want to bring it back. :smile
DOH! (mine were red....)
Welcome to the forum RGT 818 and congratulations on your new ride! As mentioned, be sure to also check your tire pressure!
Is there a difference in wheel gap with those in?
Yes. I think they WILL raise the front a little.
DOH! Welcome to the forum Jeremy!
Bought mine two weeks ago and went to check today. Yup. They’re still in the springs. Now what? Take them off or find a dealer to do it? Dealer I purchased it from is about 45 min away
Either way, they are easy to remove yourself but your dealer should be made aware of it. :wink
Be sure to check the tire pressure as they over inflate them when shipped, should be 36 psi cold.
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