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Is this a good meet spot?

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Queens - Hooters (meet and eat)

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I am going to tag along with some people I know from the Acura boards so I figured I extend the invite to all the SS people as well.

Address: 61-09 190th Street, Fresh Meadows, New York 11365

Date: Wed April 16 @ 8pm

I believe Wednesday is the unlimited wings day so if nothing else the food is good.

As far as Acuras, nobody drives an Acura anymore, sad to say, you might see more Infiniti's a BMW, and possibly a Vette. Random welcome!

Oh yeah...I'll be there too, so at least one SS.
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6 cars confirmed so far including a Vette.
well...some people decided to paint their rims, and they were drying around meet time. So 1 car showed up...silly me.

I did bring a friend, so we went to hooters to at least eat something.

40 minute thanks.
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No on the forty minute wait also fancy places may get away with that but not for me either.
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