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I ordered my car April of 2012, if line speed is 50 cars an hour that's 400 cars not all cars will be SS they are mixed in and painted in batches red, silver and so on. New products cause line speed to be down. The plants that I know about build 70 an hour or 560 in 8 hrs. Production began on Tuesday the 13th. Mine came off the line on the 30th I hope I make the first ship crossing need mine by October the 18th. Wife ordered black but so love the red matches my Z06 oh well it's her car needed it to carry grandbaby's in her SS Camaro being 2 door is a pain getting 5 month old and 2,4 year olds in and out.
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If your car was built on the 30th I'd say it should make the boat as they haven't left yet. As soon as I've seen movement I can narrow down the name of the ship. Next possible ship is Wysteria Ace. She's heading east across the Great Australian bite almost south of Pt Lincoln. (Tuna fishing hub and great place to cage dive with Great Whites.)
Great Whites!!!! Please don't get hurt Commodoreman!! We need your help and your eyes!! And another good reason to beleive that the Wisteria Ace car carrier ship, due in Thursday, will hopefully be the gifted ship is that it's next port is Melbourne, due east of Adelaide!! Maybe the ship will fuel up there for the long run to the states!! At least it's heading towards the right path sort of to the states. You can track ALL ships on Fleetmon website. It will tell you the next port of call. I hope with all the bonnets( hoods) up at the port was just a look see or maybe a missing decal or something minor.
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