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Parking Assist

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I'm having a trouble with my SS Parking Assist feature. Every time I want to activate the front parking assist feature I have to press the button near the shifting lever. I already set the feature on through the MyLink stereo system. I would think that the feature would stay on. Is this normal?
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Turn it on and you will notice when you get to a certain speed the light and it turns off. That is so it doesn't constantly beep every time you get close to the car in front of you at a red light. If you set it up right it will go on automatically when you shift to reverse though.
What the manual doesn't tell you and some of us have found out the hard way :mad::mad:, is that when pulling forward into a spot, such as pulling into a parking lot, the system does not come on automatically. You have to stop and turn it on manually or put the car in reverse to get it to come on. I posted about the issue in another thread somewheres. I think it does this to prevent nuisance warnings in traffic. Would be nice if they told us about it.
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