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Orange Peel

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My PBM SS arrived at the dealership four days ago. The dealership owner is a good friend of my family, and has more than forty years in the business.

He inspected my car upon arrival, and found a few small areas of orange peel which he will have the body shop wet sand to remediate. He explained the change in formulation of paint used at the factory, and says that orange peel is not uncommon.

Has anyone on this board noticed orange peel? If so, what corrective action was taken, and were you satisfied with the results?
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I have not found any however, your friend is not lying when he says it is common. It is becomming much rarer now then back in the 90's and early 2k's. Technology has made it so that their paint systems will automatically correct for weather conditions which makes for a smoother paint job.
Not so sure about that, as our Black 2015 Tahoe has its fair share of orange peel and other paint issues!
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