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OnStar and Remote Link

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Since waking my new SS from hibernation... I've run across a couple of things related to OnStar and the Remote Link smartphone app.

First... I pushed the OnStar "Blue Button" and set up my OnStar account back in December when I took delivery of the car. I then put the SS away in the garage until just last week (December 2 - April 13). When I tried to log-in to my OnStar account online the system rejected my username and password. I called Onstar and discovered that there was no record of my car in the system. They told me to go to the car and push the blue button again to establish a new account. The OnStar advisor and I eventually discovered that my original account was never "confirmed" because they could not re-establish contact with the vehicle after I put it away. She told me they send the "confirming" message a couple of days after the initial set up. An account is not complete until this second contact is established. The only good thing about all this is that my 6-month OnStar trial starts yesterday.

Second... I downloaded the Remote Link app for my Windows Phone (Nokia 822) and connected it to the OnStar system. Most of the Remote Link features work fine but getting to a map on the phone seems "quirky". The image below shows the navigation screen on an iPhone (from the OnStar website) next to the screen I see on my Windows phone. I wondering if there is a way to select a destination from a map on the phone without first searching for something? Also is there a way to send a destination to the car from a computer using the connection?

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I looked around on the OnStar website this afternoon and found the answer to my earlier question about sending a destination to the car from a computer. OnStar provides this feature through the MapQuest system. They have a short video describing it here.

It works like this...

You look up an address on the MapQuest website

Then select CAR from SEND menu drop-down at the top right

Select OnStar

Finally click the SEND button at the bottom of the list of possible matches

At this point you're taken to the OnStar website where you name the location. You will have to sign-in if you are not already.

Finally.. the new location will be added to the list of five allowed.

Once you are in the car you push the hands free calling button and say "Virtual Adviser" and follow the voice instructions.

I'll report back how it works as soon as I get my car back from the detail shop... where it is about to be Opti-Coated...
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As promised I'm here to report back on how the OnStar eNav system worked in the SS.

It did not work at all!

I press the hands free calling button, say "Virtual Advisor", and the system reports that it does not understand the command. I'm thinking maybe the MyLink system needs an update?
Oops... It turns out I was not pushing the right button.

It turns out the correct button is on the mirror next to the blue OnStar button. The virtual advisor shows up both on the screen and by voice and the system works fine. I played around switching destinations and everything works great. This is a nice feature!
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