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OnStar and Remote Link

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Since waking my new SS from hibernation... I've run across a couple of things related to OnStar and the Remote Link smartphone app.

First... I pushed the OnStar "Blue Button" and set up my OnStar account back in December when I took delivery of the car. I then put the SS away in the garage until just last week (December 2 - April 13). When I tried to log-in to my OnStar account online the system rejected my username and password. I called Onstar and discovered that there was no record of my car in the system. They told me to go to the car and push the blue button again to establish a new account. The OnStar advisor and I eventually discovered that my original account was never "confirmed" because they could not re-establish contact with the vehicle after I put it away. She told me they send the "confirming" message a couple of days after the initial set up. An account is not complete until this second contact is established. The only good thing about all this is that my 6-month OnStar trial starts yesterday.

Second... I downloaded the Remote Link app for my Windows Phone (Nokia 822) and connected it to the OnStar system. Most of the Remote Link features work fine but getting to a map on the phone seems "quirky". The image below shows the navigation screen on an iPhone (from the OnStar website) next to the screen I see on my Windows phone. I wondering if there is a way to select a destination from a map on the phone without first searching for something? Also is there a way to send a destination to the car from a computer using the connection?

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All..I had the same issue with ON-Star as I too set up my account in Nov 2013 once purchased..In Jan 2014 I received a notice stating my account was being refunded as it wasn't set up correctly on Day One and i would be getting a refund for the telephone min pak purchased for $9.99 for 300 min...(I did get the refund)..

I then called On-Star again asking what was going on they said I had no account and it had been closed..So I asked why I received the info/card from On-Star in the mail in Dec 2013 and said it was a glitch?? They still had my C/C, info, street, name, purchase date and everything STILL on file so when they said it wasn't set up correctly I **** near CANCELLED THE ENTIRE account due to the BS..(So On-Star gave me 12 mo free)..really find this fishy guys & gals..

I still have yet to get the car phone min promissed so something going on!)...:shithappens:
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