NOT your average Chevy SS. I am FIRM on price - you'll see why as you keep reading. 75K miles.

This is the very rare six-speed manual with over $11K in performance upgrades, all done by professional mechanics in 2019. The car has brand new dealer-installed shocks & struts along with bumper-to-bumper detailed maintenance as of Dec. 2022. Literally put over $9,000 into the car in December 2022. We did everything to make it perfect - all paperwork yours to review.

Now, the fun stuff: The base SS has 415 brake horsepower and 415 pound-feet of torque. This is NOT a base SS...

Upgrades: VCM dual cold air intakes. Full exhaust upgrade: Headers-back Kooks X-Cross exhaust. LS7 lifters. TSP Stage 2 cam. K&N air filtration system. Flex fuel system installed (so car is evil running ethanol mix, but still runs on Premium Unleaded.) All work professionally done and professionally tuned.

Results: Dyno'd at 480 HP to the wheels, versus 415 at the engine on a basic SS. 434 pound-feet of torque, again AT the wheels, not 415 at the engine like a basic SS.

Suspension: All steel arms and springs replaced with BMR aluminum. Eibach race grade aluminum springs (lowered front 1" and rear 1.3"). White Line sway bar.

Cool mods: Holden badged wheels, Holden front grill, Holden trunk badge. (If you don't know why it's badged "Holden", maybe you shouldn't really be buying an SS no offense, but seriously check out Impalas instead - you'll be safer.) Powder coated wheels. Blacked out window tinting. Oh, and I have the U.S. Customs import paperwork that shows the car was imported from Australia but NOT for law-enforcement purposes (which, that's just cool AF because in Australia and New Zealand, the base SS is their high-speed police interceptor. Phoenix PD is now using Holdens, but they're using the V6s.)

My car was dinged twice in parking lots. Repairs done by Chevy dealer and paperwork is yours to review - so the two accidents were both parking lot issues, and NOT at speed.