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No sound

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The audio has gone out twice now in our SS. Took it to the stealership on Saturday after leaving Cars & Coffee and told them to get it looked at right then so that it wouldn't become one of those "Sorry, but we weren't able to replicate the issue" and they ended up pulling the fuse and reprogramming the system. It did fix the issue, but my advisor told me to keep a look out for a letter in the mail about an update that would require a dealership visit in the next couple of months.

What happened the second time was XM was on, made a bluetooth call and had no audio. Figured the phone was messed up, but then changed to pandora and no sound either. We then pushed the onstar button and tried XM again to nothing. Just a heads up for everyone that may experience the issue.:shrug:
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To add another data point;

I have had that happen a few times in my 2015, same issue - no sound including turn signals. Have the latest software update AFAIK. It has occurred with and without my iphone attached, and usually happens mid-drive (working sound, then no sound). A couple times it has happened immediately after pressing the voice command button. In all cases, an ignition off and on cycle has cleared the problem. However, this is not always so easy to do, particularly if you are driving with a group in the car (embarrassing), on the freeway (dangerous), etc. This is a genuine problem that GM should rectify, however it is something that is impossible to replicate since it happens so infrequently.

There is a FMVSS requirement for turn signal flashers, but the audible part seems to be optional:

S9.2 Turn signal flasher.

S9.2.1 The means of producing the turn signal pilot indicator signal may be incorporated in the flasher. A means of producing an audible signal may be incorporated in the flasher.

That said, persons that experience this and have not received a satisfactory reply from the dealer can post a complaint on the NHTSA website for safety issues; I doubt NHTSA would take any action but it might get the attention of GM.

This is the web page for safety-related complaints:
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