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New SS owner

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Hello All,

I'm in the game now! Purchased a silver SS with sunroof a few days ago.
So far loving the car.

Still trying to pry the smile off my face.
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Congrats and welcome to the forum.
Congrats and welcome to the forum! Enjoy your new Hot Rod!
Congrats & welcome aboard! Pretty sure you'll be smiling for a long time.:)

Congrats and welcome from another sunny Orange County SoCAL PBM SS owner.

Congratulations and welcome to the forum SS BW! I say don't fight it, leave that smile right where it is!
Still trying to pry the smile off my face.
The original LS1GTO guys called it a Sh!t Eating Grin (SEG) :D
:welcome: enjoy your new ride...Driving to an from work in the SS, is the best part of my day...:biggrin:
Right on!!! Welcome and glad you found us over here!!! Just a bunch of fun and facts over here!!! Love that Silver!!!! Mine too!!!
So jealous...
Welcome SS BW we are a fun crowd just get us started.
Very nice. Welcome!
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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