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New SS member from MO

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Hello everyone, just bought new black SS on the 29th of March. I Took it out street racing after I left Dealer, and raced a newer Camaro SS. I got him by a car and a half. Needless to say Iam impressed with this car and love driving it. The following week I ordered a cold air kit and a tuner from Livernois Motorsports and headed down to Show Me Speed for a dyno session. 367 hp and 374 ft pds of torque. This will have to do for awhile until I can get funds for a cam and head upgrade. Later Mike
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Thanks everyone. If its not broke by now it should last until I tear into motor for cam and head swap, or I will have an excuse to tear into it earlier.
Yes hope to see you around, I bought the black one out of the showroom at reliable.
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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