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New from NY

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Hey guys,been waiting for this car for awhile.Here in New York,Long Island, my local dealers have no info or a clue about anything about this car.I'm glad I found this forum,I hope they arrive soon as I need a new car soon.I hope they don't do the usual around here and price gouge the **** out of this car and make you go in another direction.
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hey man welcome, good to have you aboard. I'm a little concerned as well, been hearing about the funnyness going on with the C7
Thanks for the welcome guys.Some where on this site I found all the RPO codes,equipment groups,specs and updates,printed them and went out to the dealers.Just got back from my local Chevy dealers and I have more info than they do on this car.They're more interested in selling Volts than talking about this car,so i have to come up with a new plan that doesn't have a five month wait.It has to be rear wheel drive,have four doors and have V8 power,so where does that leave me.CTS v, expensive,Chrysler SRT8,never been down that road or something Euro,expensive.I was all excited about this car from reading about it all year and now I'm bummed out not knowing when you can ever get one.Maybe some other time when their more available.I hope someone takes delivery soon,I'd like to see real pics and real pricing,
ATS-V is also coming down the pipe.. you considered trying another Chevy dealer? When you turn down the Volt tell the dealer you just saved their company $40K... kills me, they produce the piece of wood at a cost to them of $80K, then turn around and sell it at $40K...

great biz model Detroit...

Do you need something new right now? You could always wait for the 2015 models?
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