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New Alternator Unboxed

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About a year ago I went to Napa auto parts for lawn mower belt. One of the counter persons has a PPV, and mentioned issues getting one locally. When he did find one wasn't happy with a hefty $300 plus price tag. And also availability has been discussed here on the forum.

Since then I browse for a stupid low price, since I don't need it now and have the luxury of time. Got an offer from one of the list items I saved because that seller had lowest price for 92421122 I've seen. There are alot of very similar versions but I'm not willing to experiment with those. So the seller sent an offer for $199, so I went ahead and brought one into the parts bin. I need the car for daily driving and since Pearl isn't going to another home anytime soon, so I thought it best to be prepared.

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I just replaced the alternator on my 14 SS with a new Caprice PPV alternator , if you have any questions let me know ! Definitely smart grabbing a spare while they are still around.
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