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MyLink rebooted while playing FM Radio

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Roughly 5 mins after starting up the SS, I heard a high pitched noise followed by the radio cutting out, and the screen going blank. The MyLink logo came on and the radio resumed at about 1/2 the volume. No media devices were attached and the volume level prior to the reboot was at 14 or 15. Anyone else have this happen?
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2nd day I had it, radio went silent on XM for a moment. Then was fine. Not one issue since.
Are you sure it just didn't loose the sat signal? Where I live there are certain spots it just cuts out for a second or two.

Also this reminded my of the time my Yukon's radio turned itself off for a few seconds while listening to FM. Not the nav radio just the standard radio. Turned it back on it was fine. Called onstar did diagnostics all was fine and then told me they had been sending an "over the air onstar update" which causes the radio to do that!
No, I'm sure. When there is no Signal it shows no signal. It just went completely silent. When I lose signal it has static on the speakers. This was 100% silent. Only ever happened once. And it was in my driveway. Same place I've listened to Sat radio in my G8 for the past year with no issues, even inside the garage.

Like I said, 1 time thing for me. 1,990miles on the clock and no issues since.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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