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My SS Intake for $40 bucks! well kind of... ;)

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well i wanted to see if any G8 parts would fit on the SS so i asked around to see if anyone had any used parts. i ended up picking up a used G8 intake tube with two couplings and some clamps for $40 bucks shipped! parts were like brand new too!

so i tired it…..

However as you can see it in the above photo that is a tad short and a slightly off on angle. plus even with these silicone couplings it wouldn’t work.

but then i remember i had something that might work

i had a left over according type intake coupling from a GTO magnuson kit. and used that to correct the angle and extend the tube. And……


now all i have to do is plumb the line to the valve cover now and add in a DROP IN K&N. now if look at the bottom of the stock box, it has a good inlet on the bottom already. it is like you really don't need the typical aftermarket CAI. ;) anyhow....

THEN…. i had one of these:

this is also from a G8

and looky here:

BUT one problem the passenger side does NOT work. the fuse box on the VF/SS is way bigger and it doesn’t fit. I am going to look into trimming it to make it work.

either way not to bad for $40 bucks and sure looks a **** of a lot better without the stupid ugly intake carbon trap box!
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What does the butt dyno say about this mod?
100 hp easy! maybe 500 hp!

personally i don't think CAI do anything unless the car is moving. but the stock carbon box has to go not to mention all the routing it has in it.
Looks good. I was hoping it would all be the same as the G8 so we could share parts easier.

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technically the tube isn't quite right that is why i used the other rubber flex tube.

feel better sound better?
to me minimal mods like this "if" they even make power can only be seen on a dyno. now a super charger on the other hand! ;)
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