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My first drive in the SS

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Well SS had 46 miles on it this morning first out since bring it home.
Got everything set up but cell phones waiting of wife to do this hey it's her car. Car handles well still messing with memory and having some trouble with it. No reports on gitup go yet to few miles like the quite ride. My z06 and hearing aids equals a lot of whistling.
This will make my 13 hour drive to N.J. easier on the wife I like my Z06 but she wants to lay down and snooze. Woman would not make it as a pioneer wagons were to small for all her junk.
Love the car want to get some mileage on it oil change and alignment done than nail it to see what happens.:)
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You're not going to hurt that thing. Put the pedal to the metal my friend :)
People are going think you are an old fart or something. Stately gentlemen can get with the program occassionaly. Make some smoke!! Wait til I get my Go-Pro and take you all for a ride in my Chevelle!!!
Please start a new thread to tell me (us) about your Chevelle. I love Chevelles...
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